Busy? Or Making Money?

Busy? Or Making Money?

Busy and Making Money aren’t the same thing.

When I owned a home service business, I found great comfort in having a fully booked calendar.  But what if you’re booked out for five months?  What if no one, absolutely no one, has turned down your service or bid?

If you close 100% of your sales calls, you’re too cheap.  I’ve got a client in this situation right now.  First of all, to look at his financial reports, he’s in pretty good shape and he even maintains generous bank account balances.

To clarify he’s definitely not losing money, however, he’s paying to work in a different way…his TIME.  This client regularly works 60-80 hours a week.  When you charge half of the industry standard’s break even point, you make up for it by working long, hard hours.  

It isn’t sustainable.  You are frustrated and worn out.   You’re spinning your wheels.  To know me is to know that I believe that everything in your business is born out of your pricing.

If pricing is something you’ve always struggled with, I’d love to help.  It’s time you get you priced for stability and growth, not just survival.


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